CDIO Organization

CDIO Initiative

The CDIO Initiative consists of more than 200 schools around the world organized into 7 regions; Europe, North America, Asia, UK-Ireland, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. These are led by one or several regional leaders appointed by each region.

CDIO Initiative Vision Statement

“To be the leading worldwide collaborative network for innovative engineering education to produce responsible engineers who make a difference in the world through innovation and creative workable solutions”

CDIO Initiative Mission Statement

“Building community capacity to make an open flexible and evolving framework for the advancement of engineering education by an inclusive collaboration and a sharing of effective practices for local impact”

CDIO Council

The CDIO Initiative is supervised by the CDIO Council formed by the regional leaders, 6 Members-at-Large and 2 Co-directors. The Co-directors are elected for 2 years and election of 1 is held yearly. The Members-at-Large are elected for 3 years and elections of 2 are held yearly. All elections are arranged at the Annual International CDIO Conference and the participating schools have one vote each. The regional leaders may be more than one per region alternating with each other, however the region only have one vote in the Council.

CDIO CO-directors

CDIO Members at-large

Regional leaders

Africa Lamjed Bettaieb

Asia - Sin Moh CheahTân Trần NhậtRajeev Sukumaran

Australia & New Zealand - chair Nicoleta Maynard

Europe -  Reidar LyngSuzanne Brink & Angelo Martins 

Latin America - Patricio Cea Echeverría Messias Borges Silva 

North America Ron Hugo & Sami Ammar

UK/Ireland - Paul Hermon, Tomas Baker & Tony Topping

CDIO Meetings

The CDIO Initiative organizes an annual International CDIO Conference (usually held during summer) and an annual International Working Meeting (for the purpose of advancing the organization). All regions also have 1-2 regional meetings yearly to present work and studies within Engineering Education, elect regional leaders and listen to presentations from new schools joining the Initiative. The CDIO leaders, all school representatives, meet every other month in a teleconference to discuss and manage the Initiative’s different activities.

Schools that are interested to join the CDIO Initiative are recommended to participate in Conferences and Fall meetings to learn more about the Initiative and the CDIO vision of education, before filling in an application and a self-evaluation. The application is reviewed by the CDIO council and then, if approved, the school is welcome to join in the appropriate region and present at next regional meeting.

CDIO Organization



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