Thank you for your interest in joining the Worldwide CDIO Initiative.

The Worldwide CDIO Initiative is an organization open to universities all over the world via the individuals employed by or affiliated with the institution. Currently, it consists of more than 200 universities worldwide supervised by the CDIO Council, see CDIO Organization for details.

The Worldwide CDIO Initiative is divided into regions created to streamline the acceptance of schools within those regions. Schools joining the CDIO Initiative are accepted as Regional Collaborators and welcomed into the appropriate regional group.

All schools willing to commit to CDIO are welcome to apply. We particularly encourage schools to join that will apply CDIO to engineering disciplines not currently represented in the Initiative.

There is no fee or charge to belong to the CDIO Initiative. CDIO is an open-architecture initiative; all of its products are available free and schools are encouraged to adapt and use them in the manner they find most appropriate. However, the CDIO Initiative seeks active collaborators, and as a member you are expected to regularly participate in our meetings and activities. Collaborating schools are expected to provide funds for their own CDIO-related expenses (e.g., attendance to CDIO meetings).

Step 1: Get acquainted with CDIO Community and frameworks and contact the CDIO Office

Visit the CDIO website to get to know the CDIO Initiative. Participate in a couple of CDIO conferences/Fall meetings/regional meetings to get to know the Community, the CDIO Initiative organization and the framework of CDIO based education by e.g. attending our Introductory workshops and different activities held at these meetings. Make study visits to CDIO Collaborator schools and study the CDIO Book and website.

Formally state your interest in joining CDIO by emailing the CDIO office and you will receive an application form (the "CDIO application") and contacts to the regional leaders within your region.

Step 2: Submit application to join the CDIO Initiative

Fill in the application based on the CDIO application form. The CDIO application consists of information of your university and a questionnaire with a number of questions on your motives for joining the CDIO Initiative, which programs, if not all, that plans to apply CDIO, your future plans for education, your experience, etc. There is also a CDIO standards self-evaluation that is recommended to enclose to the application. A template for the CDIO standards self-evaluation is found under Knowledge Library, click here.

Email CDIO application and the self-evaluation of your school to the regional leaders’ contacts.

Step 3: Review by the members of the CDIO region

The application will be reviewed by the members in the region your university belong to.

Step 4: Present school at a CDIO meeting

Make a presentation of your university and its CDIO interests at an International CDIO meeting, i.e. the annual International CDIO Conference in June or Fall meeting in November or at the Regional meeting held by the appropriate region. See this page for upcoming meetings. 

Step 5: Decision by the CDIO Council

After the presentation, the CDIO region will make a recommendation to the CDIO Council, which formally decides on membership.

Step 6: Upon acceptance...

Your university will receive a welcome letter from the CDIO Initiative via the CDIO Office with user account information and the school becomes a CDIO Collaborator.

Once you've been accepted, you can fully participate in all CDIO events and activities.

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