Irina Maevskaya

PhD, Associate Professor, Chief of the international education department
+7 863 273 87 44

Research interests:

  • HEIs internationalization: lifelong learning and mobility;
  • Enhancing university-enterprise cooperation;
  • Practice-oriented education: degree profiles and TLA development.
  • The author of 37 articles, manuals and methodological brochures
  • Has successfully completed the programme of the training course "Basic principles of tutoring in distance education" organized by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education.
  • Work group coordinator in TEMPUS IV projects: “Independent Quality Assurance Model for degree programmes in Russia”, “Evaluation of Quality of Cooperation in Education Ecosystem as a Mechanism for Building Professional Competencies”, “On-line Quality Assurance of Study Programmes”, “Transnational Academic Careers in Child and Youth Welfare”.
  • Ecology Subject area group coordinator in TUNING RUSSIA project.
  • Certified participant of OECD’s international assessment of higher education learning outcomes.
  • CDIO coordinator at Don State Technical University.
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