Additional Resources

Basic CDIO information

Much information on the history and methodology of the conception and development of CDIO is available on the CDIO website. A growing amount of similar information is also available on the Swedish-language CDIO website.

Recommended primers on CDIO include the following:

CDIO Workshops

The CDIO Initiative occasionally offers daylong workshops on CDIO implementation. Hosted at a collaborating institution, anyone interested in CDIO is welcome. Non-collaborating institutions may inquire about hosting a CDIO introduction and implementation workshop. To determine if a workshop is scheduled, or to inquire about hosting a workshop, email info [at] cdio [dot] org.

CDIO Meetings

An excellent means of learning about CDIO implementation is to attend a regional or international meeting of CDIO Collaborators. Dates and locations of upcoming meetings, and contact information, are posted in the meeting section of the CDIO Web site.

Site Visits

Collaborating institutions welcome visits from those interested in learning about CDIO. CDIO leaders from these schools are also often available to visit interested institutions. Contact information for each collaborator is available. Or, write info [at] cdio [dot] org for information.

Joining the CDIO Initiative

Schools that have determined they wish to proceed with implementation of a CDIO program are welcome and encouraged to apply to join the CDIO Initiative. Visit the CDIO FAQs to learn about benefits of collaboration and the application process.

Other iKit sections

To explore other aspects of, and resources for, CDIO implementation, visit other iKit sections: Assessment, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, and Workspaces.

Online Resources

A wealth of implementation resources is posted on this site in the CDIO Knowledge Library.


A number of collaborating instiutions have produced scholarly papers on aspects of CDIO Implementation.


Student participation in the implementation process is very useful. A useful document is the paper "Student involvement in principled change: Understanding the student experience." The CDIO Student Theme welcomes student representatives from collaborating instutitions to join its activities. To contact the student theme, email info [at] cdio [dot] org. 

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