2013 - Proceedings of the 9th International CDIO Conference

Proceedings of the 9th International CDIO Conference, Cambridge, USA, 10-12 June 2013 

Year: 2013

Editor: Doris Brodeur

Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University

Table of Contents

A "Crazy Machine" Project With Teamwork and Interteam Negotiations

       C. Maynard, C. Ortega-Sanchez

A Case Study on CDIO Implementation in China

       P. Gu, L. Xiaohua, G. Xiong, C. Hong-yan, N. Bao

Active Learning and CDIO Implementation in Colombia

       G. Ulloa, Á. Pachón, H. Arboleda

Assessing 6 Years of CDIO in a Computer Engineering Program

       A. Martins, A. Costa, E. Ferreira, J. Rocha

Bringing Active Learning into Engineering Curricula: Creating a Teaching Community

       C. Cárdenas, C. Martínez, M. Muñoz

Can Peer Instruction in Calculus Improve Student Learning?

       M. Cronhjort, L. Filipsson, M. Weurlander

CDIO as the Foundations for International Accreditations

       G. Nguyen, B. LE, T. Nguyen

CDIO in Gdansk: People-oriented Strategy

       M. Wasilczuk, E. Wittbrodt, A. Zielinski

CDIO Learning Workspaces In The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

       A. González, G. Marciales, M. Ruiz, J. Sanchez, F. Viveros

Comparison of Hiring and Promotion Criteria linked to Teaching, Educational Development and Professional Engineering Skills

       I. Saemundsdottir, A. Theodorsdottir, J. Malmqvist, S. Turenne, S. Rouvrais

Contextualize Teaching of Ethics in Chemical Engineering Curriculum

       J. Yau, S. Cheah, S. Phua

Designing a Blended Wing Body Aircraft Globally

       J. Koster, K. Uhmeyer, G. Soin

Designing CDIO Capstone Projects: A Systems Thinking Approach

       E. Alarcón, E. Bou, A. Camps, R. Bragós, A. Oliveras, J. Pegueroles

Designing for Student Success: A Materials Science Case Study

       M. Tarkanian, M. Caulfield

Designing Game Development Education – First Experiences of CDIO Implementations

       M. Luimula, J. Roslöf, J. Kontio

Designing Process Enablers to Strengthen Professional Skills in Project Work

       H. Wivel, J. Flarup

Developing Assessment Rubrics in Project Based Courses: Four Case Studies

       P. Gray

Developing Innovative Graduation Projects Based on CDIO Approach

       P. Tuan

Discovering Proficiency Levels For CDIO Syllabus Topics Through Stakeholder Differentiation

       H. Arboleda, Á. Pachón, A. Paz, G. Ulloa

Does Flexibility in Secondary Level Mathematics Curriculum Affect Degree Performance?

       J. Cole, C. McCartan

ECDEAST: EURACE Standards As A Framework for Engineering Curriculum Design

       O. Boev, E. Kulyukina, M. Tayurskaya

Educating Engineering Practice In Six Design Projects In A Row

       A. Kamp

Educating Engineers For Research-Based Innovation – Creating The Learning Outcomes Framework

       E. Crawley, K. Edström, T. Stanko

Education for Sustainable Development using Design Thinking and Appropriate Technology

       P. Chua, S. Cheah

Effectiveness of Video Lecturing in ICT Learning

       R. Viksilä

Engineeering Education Resulting in Skilled, Inventive and Innovative Professionals, How?

       A. Friesel

Enhancing Design-Build Experiences in First Year Infocomm Curriculum

       E. Teo, C. Tan, S. Wah

Enhancing Learning Influence with Product Development Simulation Game - PRODESIM

       T. Metso, K. Lindström

Entrepreneurship and ICT-Education as Means rather than Ends – Case Business Academy Finland

       J. Kallio-Gerlander, J. Puhakainen, J. Kettunen

Ethics and Responsibilities in a CDIO based Software Engineering Process

       D. Einarson

Evolution of MIT’S “Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Design" Course

       J. Hoffman

Exploration of TOPCARES-CDIO Cultivation Model for Digital Arts Talents

       Y. Qingjun

Fab Lab As An Implementation Tool Of The CDIO Program

       J. Zagal, F. Torres, M. Diaz, X. Vargas, H. Agusto, P. Poblete

Faculty Awareness of Working Life Issues

       M. Magnell, L. Geschwind

Faculty Development through Peer-Learning in the Telecom-BCN Design-Build Project Subjects 

       J. Pegueroles, A. Oliveras, A. Camps, E. Alarcón, E. Sayrol, R. Bragós

Grand Challenges For Engineering And Development Of CDIO Skills

       M. Al-Atabi

Harnessing Experiential Learning on Remote Co-Design Experiences: 24H of Innovation

       L. Jiménez-Narváez, A. Segrera, K. Dalkir, M. Gardoni

Implementation of CDIO Initiative Approach at a Russian Regional University

       A. Lunev, V. Zaripova, I. Petrova

Implicit Detection of Learning Styles – The SMALT Way

       W. Son, S. Kwek, F. Liu

Improving Student Learning Through Project-Based Integrated Teaching Of Robotics

       C. Dvs, C. Teoh, Z. Yang, C. Acosta, D. Li, A. Norouzi

Industrial Automation: Providing Students with Relevant Problem Solving and Analytic Skills

       A. Ryan

Innovating in Teaching and Learning at First Year of Engineering

       M. Vega, E. Morales, J. Munoz

Innovative Conceptual Engineering Design (ICED): Creativity And Innovation In A CDIO-Like Curriculum

       C. Camarda, O. de Weck, S. Do

Integration Of Design Problems And Projects Into Courses For Manufacturing Engineering Program

       H. Nguyen, C. Pham

Internal University Mobility Program "Self-Learning University" as one of Successful Mechanisms of introducing CDIO Standards in Astrakhan State University

       M. Egorov, O. Egorova

Introduction To Information Technology 

       L. Thanh, N. Binh, D. Phuong, L. Bac

Listening by Design: Teaching Students to be More Collaborative

       J. Connor

Making Curricular Change: Case Report of a Radical Reconstruction Process

       A. Kamp, R. Klaassen

Managing the Continuous Improvement Loop of Educational Systems: Students as Key Actors in Program Evaluation

       C. Lassudrie, J. Kontio, S. Rouvrais

Motivational Factors in Design-Build Projects – Case: Participation in Student Competitions

       J. Roslöf

Off Campus Integrating Theory and Practice with Progression

       G. Eckert, M. Hjelmåker, L. Elmquist

Outcomes-Focused Evaluation of Engineering Programs - Inhibitor or Stimulant for Improvement

       M. Arehag, J. Bertilsson, Å. Ekvall, E. Hansson, J. Malmqvist, L. Peterson, U. Rilby

Peer Assessment of Student Teamwork: Case Studies involving Multicultural Project-based Learning

       R. Hugo, R. Brennan, P. Gu

Performance Assessment of a CDIO-Centric Introduction to Engineering Course

       J. Pegueroles, F. Silva, E. Pallarés, S. Bermejo, A. Broquetas, M. Soneira

Program Leadership from a Nordic Perspective – Program Leaders’ Power to Influence their Program

       A. Högfeldt, E. Strömberg, A. Jerbrant, A. Berglund, P. Kinnunen, L. Malmi

Renewal Of A Local Concept For Engineering Education Including CDIO

       J. Karltun

Student Learning and Self-Efficacy in Project-based Learning

       R. Brennan, R. Hugo, P. Gu

Student Learning Experiences Concerning Enterprise & Societal Context in CDIO-based Education

       D. Bienkowska, S. Karabag

Students' and Teachers’ Perceptions of CDIO-based Communication Activities

       C. Carlsson, A. Eriksson

Supplementing Capstone Projects: Curriculum Integration using Process Instrumentation and Control

       H. Koh, S. Cheah, D. Sale

Supporting Engineering Innovation and Design by a Multidisciplinary Master's Program

       A. Karltun, M. Berglund

Teaching Mechanics for Real. A Different Approach for Civil Engineers

       S. Loyer

The Amalgamation of Industry Practices in an Engineering Capstone Project

       S. Namasivayam, M. Al-Atabi

The CDIO Curriculum in Electronics Engineering at Universidad Javeriana - Colombia

       A. González, G. Marciales, M. Ruiz, F. Viveros

The CDIO Framework in University Design: UCEN Project, Guatemala

       C. Roca, S. Klose, M. Orellana, J. Dunn

The Chemical Engineering CDIO Experience After 5 Years Of Implementation 

       S. Cheah, S. Phua, C. Huiting

The Global Village: A Student-led Initiative for Intercultural Skills

       C. Morace, A. Gourvès-Hayward, S. Rouvrais

The Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program: Relationship to CDIO Syllabus v2

       D. Soderholm, E. Huttner

The Swedish Model, Student Participation in Quality Processes

       F. Hylerstedt, J. Kvastad

TPU-Skolkovo Project: Modernization of BEng Programs In Russia

       A. Chuchalin

Training Elite Specialists in Engineering and Technologies

       P. Chubik, O. Zamyatina

Unveiling the Gap

       P. Jensson, O. Rokkjær, B. Nörgaard

Using CDIO Concept To Develop Engineering Education In Tomsk Polytechnic University 

       T. Petrovskaya

Using CDIO Self-Evaluation for Quality Assurance and Accreditation

       S. Cheah, C. Koh, C. Huiting

Using International Work-Pair in Engineering Education

       A. Piironen, H. Aoki

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